When and how do I get paid?

We always process payments the same day of receiving the iPad (usually within a few hours!). We have never been late making a payment. You have a choice of three payment methods:

Bank transfer:
UK: The transfer is the same day for almost all banks. Check if your bank accepts faster payments.
Rest of Europe: International bank transfers take up to 2 working days to clear. Currency exchange rates will be calculated on the day of payment.

UK: The transfer is instant. You can then spend the PayPal balance or withdraw it to your bank account. You wont have to pay any PayPal fees.
Rest of Europe: The transfer is instant. Currency exchange rates will be calculated on the day of payment.


How do I send my iPad to you?

UK: You have two options when processing your submission - either print out the pre-paid label that we send you or if you don't have a printer you can have it mailed to your address.
Both of these options are fully tracked, very reliable and completely free to you and are insured for up to £100.

If you want the peace of mind of full-cover insurance then we would recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery as it is insured for up to £500 and reasonably priced at around £10 for an iPad sized package. We don't cover the cost of this method of posting.

Rest of Europe: You will be sent a link to create a pre-paid DPD or UPS shipping label. Affix the label to your package and drop off at one of their 1000s of drop-off locations around Europe.

Rest of World: We currently don't have a pre-paid solution for you, so please send your submission using your local post service or courier of your choice.

I've missed the deadline what do I do now?

Simply get in touch and we can re-activate your submission with an updated offer. Price don't change that often so if you're just a week or so out then you don't need to worry.

iPad Condition

What's with the grading system?

We believe you should get a great price for your iPad regardless of a few marks or scratches. That's why we have a flat rate price for "Working" iPads. Any device with any serious damage like cracks or bent casing is considered "Damaged".

In the event of a mismatch on the condition of an item we will contact you with a reoffer - if you don't want to take it then we can send it back to you free of charge.

If your iPad has any physical or software fault then this comes under "Damaged" and the prices vary per model on this. Please note that the iPad must at least switch on but it can have any of the following faults:

  • Broken/cracked LCD or digitiser
  • Screen lifting away from iPad casing (usually due to poor repair job)
  • Faulty software
  • Faulty charging port/headphone socket/external buttons
  • Faulty Wi-Fi/camera/video etc.

We don't accept iPads in the following conditions:

  • Water/liquid damage
  • Reported lost or stolen
  • Crushed or snapped in half
  • Missing components or parts

My iPad has an engraving, is it worth less?

We don't downgrade iPads with engravings, so recycle as normal.

About us

Why should I trust you?

Choosing a company to send your beloved (and expensive!) iPad to for recycling can be a worrying process if you haven't used us before. We have been ranked the best for years on independent review site TrustPilot and once you've read all those wonderful reviews we hope you will feel more at ease.

We are in the office 9AM (sometimes 10...) - 5PM and you can give us a phone on 01412507964 if you have any questions.

How come you can give the highest price?

We don't spend any money on advertising or marketing, which means we can pass that saving onto our customers. Our primary focus is getting you the most money for your iPad and to provide you with the simplest and quickest way of getting that money.

We think that by doing this well our customers will provide us with all the advertising we need; either by social media or old-fashioned word of mouth.

Do you buy iPads from businesses in bulk?

Yes! Just head over to our business page and fill in your details for a quote.

You'll get the same offer as non-business customers get with the added bonus of free UPS collection - we want to make the process as easy as possible for you!


Do I have to reset my iPad?

iPads that have been upgraded to iOS 7 or higher need to have your iCloud account removed from the device. Otherwise there is no way for us to reset the device and we cannot issue payment until the iCloud account has been removed. The good news is it's prety easy to do.

Check out our resetting guide for details on how to remove your iCloud account, meaning your data is safe.

I've found an iPad, can I sell it to you?

Any iPad that has cellular capabilities (3G/4G) will be subject to a CheckMEND report which is a database of lost/stolen/barred cellular devices. If we find a result on this database we are required by law to quarantine the item for 30 days to give you the opportunity to contact the network to remove the block in the case of this being an error. If there is no action within the 30 days to remove the network block we will dispose of the iPad or pass it on to the authorities without payment.

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